About us

Our story started in 2016 when we searched for a tool that allows for quickly creating various constructions to create 3D decorations and arti models, basicially discovering  all kind of static constructions just by building them.   

Except for a soft plastic drinking straw set for children, no such sets existed at the time, certainly no sets that could also support a weight or that has an esthetic design look.

In fact there are no sets that stimulate adults to start building, discovering  or playing again, that challenge their imagination and that explore their creativity, or in other words that are based on "Imagineering"; meaning a combination of imagination and basic  engineering skills to construct spacious objects.

We realized that there is a need for an ‘Imagineering’ construction set for one or more persons, for example for modelling, puzzles, for teambuilding or educational purposes.


The inventor of Plivio, who has background in industrial engineering and a fascination for framework constructions, would like to create a building set that should always look nice in any interior, without a "plastic toy" look.

It was decided to use anodized alluminum tubes as they have a very nice design appearence, but the problem was the hard surface of the material, as it does not provide for any grip by friction for a connector.


The first connector couplings that were created are in the form of pivoting little men, designed not only able to hold the tube ends, but also to be clicked at any place along a tube and on each other in many different ways. Due to a ball socket coupling they are capable of rotating in all directions.

In fact they are just like the fearless, hard working  sky scraper steel workers who were building the high New York sky scrapers in the past.

Out of respect these coupling members are named “Imagineers” as their task is to help the creator in the construction process and in realizing an idea, and they do that without any complains (work in progress).


However, to be able to create even larger stable static or even kinetic (rotatable) constructions, the Imagineers needed an additional set of tools, so the second step was to develop innovative connectors ensuring that any type and any size of object can be created!

The new developed set of connectors for the Box and the MasterBox , have the unique feature that they can be coupled onto other couplings. It includes a unique flexible connector that can be combined with other flexible connectors in a circle, so to form a star shape  to connect multiple aluminium tubes together in a star form.

The MasterBox  includes also extenders couplings to axially connect 2 tubes and an endcap that can be connected to the flexible connectors. There is also a swivel-pin, swivel-socket and flex coupling parts which are all connectable to each other.

We believe in authentic design and never compromise on detail or quality: the tubes for  example are made of “food” quality anodized aluminium meaning that, if needed, they can be cleaned in a dishwashing machine.

 Today there are the Plivio Imagineering Box for starters and the Masterbox with its different multi-purpose connectors for more expirenced people.  The wooden box of the Box is designed such that it can be integrated in constructions as the Imagineers and clips can be clamped on it as well.

However, both toolboxes are in fact an eclectic mix of art, design, engineering and creativity, allows to create amazing objects that  surprises people, including the creator, but its the discovery part in the building process thats creates the fun and gives you the feel good factor. 

Every Imagineering construction will always look great and can therefore be proudly showed to friends;  by the way to make even more friends, Plivio Imagineering Box and MasterBox would of course be a very original gift !  




Timeless art constructions

Plivio Imagineering is a 3D design and DIY (Do It Yourself) construction set for creative persons that enables you to create geometric, decorative, arti, or even nutty spacious objects at home all by yourself or together with other persons.